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ASPICAsp Industry Consortium
ASPICApplication Service Provider Industry Consortium
ASPICAdvanced SCSI Programmable Interrupt Controller
ASPICArmed Services Personnel Interrogation Center
ASPICAssociation for Strategic Planning in Internal Communications
ASPICAide et Soutien pour la Préparation de l'Internat et des Certificats (French: Assistance and support for the preparation of boarding school certificates)
ASPICAuthor's Standard Prepress Interfacing Code
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ASPIC estimates: Table 1 presents the results obtained by using ASPIC fishery application.
Maggie Nippes, owner and manager of Scrooge's in Jackson, agreed to share the recipe for her tomato aspic.
Adding pure gelatin products to clear water is the third version for making aspic and has become a popular method in recent years.
Mother can make tomato aspic, for example - I've never known how to make a tomato aspic.
Tuck fresh cilantro (coriander) leaves around base of each aspic.
Now no one wants to see our villages preserved in aspic and looking like nothing more than a biscuit-tin depiction of reality.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Echidna 9 Noble 10 Tipsy 11 Secrete 12 Tea 13 Nastiest 16 Chairman 17 Roc 19 Terrain 21 Gouda 22 Aspic 23 Siamese DOWN: 1 Testate 2 Whiplash 3 Eddy 4 Inaction 5 Able 6 Beset 8 Assessments 13 Nuisance 14 Shrouded 15 Scrapes 18 Steak 20 Rapt 21 Goal QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Distinguish 8 Fed 9 Lap 11 Release 12 Stole 13 Ore 14 Won 15 Seventy 17 Toe 19 Obey 21 Lynx 23 Lobe 25 Hike 27 Ewe 29 Scraper 31 Rat 34 Who 36 Store 37 Cheered 38 Hog 39 Are 40 Masking tape DOWN: 1 Deer 2 Idle 3 Trade in 4 Needed 5 Upset 6 Slow 7 Halo 8 Frost 10 Penny 16 Yob 18 Elk 20 Bee 22 Yes 24 Overeat 25 Harsh 26 Cancan 28 Erode 30 Creak 32 Atom 33 Toga 34 Wrap 35 Here followed
The CEDA and ASPIC non-equilibrium surplus production models were used in this study.
The MCS paper states: "We believe that, for the city to regenerate appropriately, we must work positively with the natural process of change and not try to cast the city in aspic.
While some progress has been made, it is indisputable that elite universities have, for too long, rested on their reputations and used them as an excuse to preserve themselves in aspic.
We cannot afford to preserve our National Parks in aspic and prevent much-needed sustainable development on environmental grounds.