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ASPISAbandoned Site Program Information System (US EPA)
ASPISApplication Specific Processor and Instruction Set
ASPISAirborne Self-Protection Integrated Suite
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aspis Carlin, 1939 - + - Testudinella patina intermedia + - - (Anderson, 1889) Testudinella sp.
aspis, viviparous) was influenced by both short-term (preovulatory) and long-term (prior year) storage of energy.
Expositores: Analia Aspis (Universidad de Estocolmo), Albert Diaz (DIA--PUCP) y Victoria Landa (MAGIS--PUCP), 30 de junio
Greek Attica Bank (ATH: TATT) has set aside speculations on a possible merger plan with a domestic peer Aspis Bank (ATH: ASPT).
Euthanasia for disabled newborns tells society that being born disabled is a bad thing," said Simone Aspis, the Independent reported.
Spokeswoman Simone Aspis said: "What kind of message is this sending out to society where it is perceived to be easier to kill a disabled person rather than support them to live with dignity?
Tunis, Hermaea, Neapolis and Aspis "were demolished' (Strabo, 17.
On September 24, Greece made its first downpayment on a $242-million contract with Raytheon (Goleta, CA), signed in April, for the provision of the company's Airborne Self-Protection Integrated System (ASPIS) II for the Hellenic Air Force's fleet of 60 F-16 Block 52+ Peace Xenia III aircraft and for up-grading the service's earlier model F-16s (Block 30s and Block 50s), which were equipped with the original ASPIS, to the ASPIS II configuration (see "Hellenic Air Force Inks F-16 EW Contract," JED, June 2003, p.
placet sacratus aspis Aesculapii,/ crocodillus ibis et canis vur displicent?
by Menander in Dyskolos, Aspis, Koneazomenai and at least one other play) plays no part in Chariton's choice of name.
De quibus Hieronymus: 'Ad patriam tendentes, debemus mortiferos Sirenarum cantus surda aure transire,' obturando aures sicut aspis, eas pice liniendo cum Ulysse et sociis eius.