ASPJAir & Space Power Journal (US Air Force; professional publication)
ASPJAirborne Self-Protection Jammer
ASPJAdvanced Self Protection Jammer
ASPJAmulet Second Pentacle Of Jupiter (Wicca)
ASPJAirborne/Advanced Self-Protection Jammer
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1 to AFRICOM: environmental security and engagement in Africa, ASPJ [Air and Space Power journal] Africa and Francophonie 2010 1 2 6-14
Although we have shown that no intermediate results are required for SPJ view derivation tracing, some ASPJ views are not traceable without storing or recomputing certain intermediate results.
Westinghouse was responsible for the ALQ-153 tail warning system for the B-52, is teamed with ITT on the ALQ-165 ASPJ, and is teamed with TRW on the INEWS programme for the F-22/23.
However, the Senate Appropriations Committee has directed that no funds appropriated for procurement of ASPJ be obligated until the system successfully concludes operational test and evaluation and the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition reports on all test results.
This deployment, along with the second and third, will receive what is called IDECM Block I: the ASPJ and the AN/ALE-50 towed decoy.
It stipulates that any Lot 1 ASPJ system contract shall include a limitation of government liability through November 1990.
If ASPJ publishes your article, you will automatically be entered in the competition.
However, his most lasting impact was that he negotiated all the initial agreements between the Air Force and the Navy concerning the ASPJ program.
ITT's family of electronic protection systems includes the combat-proven ALQ 172 for the B-52 and Special Operations C-130s and ALQ-165 ASPJ deployed on tactical fighters A technology leader, ITT has completed the development of the U.
The ROKAF's selection of the ASPJ for this latest tranche of F-16 Fighting Falcons will provide commonality across the service's s F-16 fleet, as the ROKAF also chose the ASPJ for fit aboard its first lot of F-16s (see "First ROKAF F-16 Fitted with ASPJ," JED, March 1999, p.
Of these, several will be selected for in-depth examination, including the AN/ALQ-211(V) SIREC, AN/AAR-47(V), AN/ALE-50(V), ASPJ, AIEWS, IDECM, AN/ALQ-135(V) Band 1.
However, we have not completed the deconstruction and reinvention of ASPJ.