ASPLAdvanced Software Production Line (Linux)
ASPLAssistant Senior Patrol Leader (Boy Scouts of America)
ASPLA Salty Piece of Land (Jimmy Buffett novel)
ASPLAdvanced Space Propulsion Laboratory (NASA)
ASPLAssociação Sindical dos Professores Licenciados (Portugal)
ASPLApproved Special Processors List
ASPLabsolute sound pressure level
ASPLAssistant School Pupil Leader
ASPLAdvanced Security Profiling Language (nCircle)
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1 million electors of the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon West and New Territories East GCs and the ASPL FC listed on the 2017 Final Register to cast their votes.
On failure to address the investors claims by ASPL, the KSE vide Notice dated April 27, 2015 suspended operations of all trading terminals of ASPL till further notice.
John Dangerfield, chief operating officer of ASPL, "holding the INCI name is necessary for product safety and visibility as well as a significant step forward for using the Cell-in-a-Box and Bac-in-a-Box technology throughout the cosmetics industry.
Incorporated in 1998, ASPL trades in metal scrap, including heavy melting scrap and shredded steel scrap, which serve as raw material for entities manufacturing steel-based products.
TFE3 is located centromerically on the short arm of the X chromosome (Xp11) and may fuse to a number of translocation partners, most commonly PRCC on chromosome 1q21 or ASPL on chromosome 17q25, resulting in overexpression of a functional TFE3 gene product.
The total numbers of complaints received by the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) against ASPL are 201 and the alleged amount of claims against M/s ACE Securities (Private) Limited (ASPL) is Rs.
ASPL spokesman said: "It would be prudent for us to see what is happening with Setanta and things do look brighter than they did this time last week.
The der(17)t(X; 17)(p11; q25) of human alveolar soft part sarcoma fuses the TFE3 transcription factor gene to ASPL, a novel gene at 17q25.
ASPL spokesperson said:"The league this year has been very competitive and we are looking forward to an exciting climax.
Tenders are invited for Providing of Vehicle Hiring services at ASPL Salawas.
Private Limited ( APPL , or SPV-1 ), Azure Sunrise Private Limited ( ASPL , or SPV-2 ) and Azure Photovoltaic Private Limited ( APVPL , or SPV-3 ).