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ASPMActive State Power Management (computing)
ASPMAsus Security Protection Management
ASPMActive State Power Management
ASPMASUS Security Protect Manager (software)
ASPMAbnormal Spindle-Like Microcephaly Associated
ASPMAviation Safety Program Management
ASPMAsociación del Secretariado Profesional de Madrid (Spanish: Association of the Professional Secretaryship of Madrid)
ASPMArmed Services Procurement Regulation Manual
ASPMAFATDS System Performance Model
ASPMAmerican Sanitary Plumbing Museum
ASPMAcquisition Systems Protection Manager (USAF)
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Autosomal recessive primary microcephaly, ASPM, Pakistan, MCPH, WES.
And in October, a team led by geneticist David Reich of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, reported at the meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics that it found no evidence for recent selection on ASPM when it used a method of analysis it considered superior to Lahn's.
Microcephalin which corresponds to MCPH1, WDR62 (WD repeat-containing protein 62) at MCPH2, CDK5RAP2 (CDK5 regulatory subunit-associated protein 2) at MCPH3, CEP152 (centrosomal protein, 152-KD) at MCPH4, ASPM (abnormal spindle like microcephaly associated) at MCPH5, CENPJ (centromeric protein J) at MCPH6 and STIL corresponding to MCPH7.4 Mutations at any of these loci are indistinguishable clinically.4
Two other genes, ASPM and Microcephalin, which influence brain size, also show a clear pattern that they have evolved via natural selection within the human lineage (Johnson, 2007; Taylor, 2009).
The BER performance of the system is determined as a function of fiber length, received signal power, number of simultaneous user, aSPM -parameter, and chip shape on account of receiver noises, optical amplifier noises and multiuser access interference (MAI).
NATS was the first ASPM [Aviation System Performance Metrics] to map out our carbon footprint.
Within FAA's Aviation System Performance Metrics (ASPM) database, a flight is recorded as delayed if it departed or arrived at the gate 15 minutes or more past its scheduled gate departure or arrival time, which is shown in the airline's reservation system.