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Gene Degree of connectivity P value IL6 29 5.48E--04 MYC 17 3.99E--03 ACTA2 14 9.78E--06 SERPINE1 14 1.16E--02 ASPN 12 9.15E--03 SPP1 11 4.04E--02 KIT 11 4.54E--03 TFRC 9 3.34E--04 FMOD 9 3.42E--04 PDE5A 9 2.96E--04 MYH6 8 1.55E--03 FPR1 8 1.71E--06 C3 7 1.18E--02 CDKN1A 7 3.94E--04 SOCS3 7 1.02E--03 Table 5: Gene-specific primers used in quantitative real-time PCR.
The ASPN is an all volunteer run organization that promotes education about our environment, offers an annual scholarship, and encourages people of all ages to become stewards of our planets natural resources.
The ASPN gene encodes a 382 amino-acid protein, asporin.
The company is seeking to sell its shares under the symbol ASPN on the New York Stock Exchange.
Forrest et al., Specialty 'Referral Completion Among Primary Care Patients: Results from the ASPN Referral Study, 5 ANNALS FAM.
Four additional enzymes, AspN, chymotrypsin, GluC, and LysC (Sigma-Aldrich, San Louis, MO, USA), were separately used to digest aliquots of BioS2 in order to maximize proteome coverage.
MRMPath allows a user to choose between trypsin (cleaves on the carboxyl side of Arg and Lys), chymotrypsin (cleaves on the carboxyl side of Phe, Tyr, and Trp), AspN (cleaves the amino side of aspartate residues), GluC (cleaves the carboxyl side of aspartate and glutamate residues), LysC (cleaves on the carboxyl side of Lys residues), and ArgC (cleaves on the carboxyl side of Arg).
The All Source Positioning and Navigation (ASPN) program is a related DARPA project to "develop algorithms and a prototype sensor-fusion system to enable low-cost navigation for military users on any operational system and in any environment, with or without GPS." Initial contracts were awarded to Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and Argon ST in 2011.
Mass spectrometryanalysis of tissue extracts identified only 5 of the candidate biomarkers in the samples analyzed: apolipoprotein C1 (APOC1, gel 8), asporin (ASPN, gel 5), complement C4A (gel 8), 6-phosphogluconolactonase (PGLS, gel 7), and ribosomal protein L22-like 1 (RPL22L1, gel 8).
(24.) Strategic Technology Office, Broad Agency Announcement: All Source Positioning and Navigation (ASPN), DARPA-BAA-11-14 (Arlington, VA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Strategic Technology Office, November 2010), 5, b9e/b9e293bc25ab6cc1f7ad0601415bf5df/DARPA_BAA_11- 14_All_Source_Positioning_and_Navigation_(ASPN).pdf.
First we plan to start AJFAND Scholarly Publishing Network (ASPN), under ASSCATwhich is a legally registered publishing Trust in Kenya.
Carpal tunnel syndrome in primary care: a report from ASPN. Ambulatory Sentinel Practice Network.