ASPOCAssessment and Selection Preparation and Orientation Course (US Marine Corps)
ASPOCActive Spacecraft Potential Control Experiment (Cluster spacecraft)
ASPOCAFWA (Air Force Weather Agency) Single Point of Control
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Within the ASpOC, liaisons from other components integrate, coordinate, and deconflict plans and operations.
In the cyberspace domain, the command and control function in the ASpOC can be applied through a coordinating liaison similar to that provided for mobility and space operations.
For example, an Air and Space Operations Center (ASpOC) capability module would support global and theater ASpOC command and control capabilities and require a secure connection to joint and coalition infrastructures.
Today, when a Predator captures imagery over Iraq or Afghanistan, the data are sent both to the ASpOC in Qatar for immediate use and to the Distributed Common Ground System for analysis.