ASPPApple Service Provider Program
ASPPAmerican Society of Picture Professionals
ASPPAmerican Society of Plant Physiologists
ASPPAmerican School of Professional Psychology
ASPPAdler School of Professional Psychology
ASPPApplication Specific Programmable Product
ASPPAdvanced Signal Processing Platform (Scintera Networks)
ASPPAmerican Society of Plant Physiology
ASPPAssociation of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania
ASPPAcquisition Systems Protection Program
ASPPAmerican Society of Psychoanalytic Physicians
ASPPApplication-Specific Programmable Processor
ASPPAll Societies Periodicals Package (IEEE)
ASPPArmament System Processor Panel (US Army helicopter weapons)
ASPPAnonymised Single Patient Printout
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Further, pursuant to the company's ASPP, its broker may buy common shares at times when it ordinarily would not be active in the market due to insider trading rules and its own internal trading blackout periods.
Under the Bank's ASPP, the Bank's broker may purchase Common Shares at times when the Bank ordinarily would not be active in the market due to insider trading rules and its own internal trading blackout periods.
When SSHRC reduced its grant to the ASPP and the support it was offering to learned journals, SSFC mounted a strong protest against "SSHRCC's retreat from support of publishing." Hersom (chair of the ASPP Committee) and Kelsey (first vice-president, CSSE) produced a strong brief recommending that SSHRC proceed with caution before implementing the report.
Abbreviations miRNA: MicroRNA TEC: Thymic epithelial cell cTEC: Cortical thymic epithelial cell mTEC: Medullary thymic epithelial cell TF: Transcription factors Aire: Autoimmune regulator UTR: Untranslated region ASPP: Apoptosis-stimulating protein of p53 iASPP: Inhibitory of ASPP PTA: Peripheral tissue antigen.
One main assumption of the so-called "approach of self-perpetuating policy processes" (ASPP) (Bocher/Toller 2012a; 2012b) is that political processes are neither the direct result of interest struggle (as public choice theory would suggest) nor are they driven by the search for solutions alone (as policy analysis often tends to suggest).
The protest, organized by the ASPP union, came only days after some of the police themselves protected the parliament by forming human chains preventing the protesters from breaking into the building.
Greg Kealey said that the CCLH series had been created to provide a means for publishing works in labour history that required a subsidy distinct from the ASPP grant.
Summary: RIYADH: The Arriyadh Strategic Planning Program (ASPP) has executed a number of environmental projects in the Kingdom's capital city.
Employees on APL are entitled to receive Additional Statutory Paternity Pay (ASPP), providing they comply with the eligibility and notification criteria and a low earnings limit.
Fathers could also be eligible for additional statutory paternity pay (ASPP) whilst taking APL if they are an employed earner earning at least the lower earnings limit for National Insurance contributions.
In addition, the right to receive additional statutory paternity pay (ASPP) is not a free-standing entitlement.