ASPPAmerican Society of Picture Professionals
ASPPAmerican Society of Plant Physiologists
ASPPAmerican School of Professional Psychology
ASPPAdler School of Professional Psychology
ASPPApplication Specific Programmable Product
ASPPAdvanced Signal Processing Platform (Scintera Networks)
ASPPAmerican Society of Plant Physiology
ASPPAssociation of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania
ASPPAcquisition Systems Protection Program
ASPPAmerican Society of Psychoanalytic Physicians
ASPPApplication-Specific Programmable Processor
ASPPAll Societies Periodicals Package (IEEE)
ASPPArmament System Processor Panel (US Army helicopter weapons)
ASPPAnonymised Single Patient Printout
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ASPP is an analytical frame--not a theory--that can help to identify relevant causal driving forces in particular cases in environmental (or other) policy fields.
He reiterated the original intention of the series was to support the publication of those works outside the conventional ASPP scholarly publication process.
Of course one suicide is one too many," said Walter Morales, a spokesman in the ASPP office.
The primary amendment agreed between the parties under the Amended Agreement was the conversion of the ASPP into a discretionary share purchase plan ("DSPP").
9 in cash, representing the estimated amount of cash required to complete the purchase of our subordinate voting shares under a previous ASPP.
The ASPP has been approved by the TSX and may be implemented as early as June 30, 2013, and from time to time thereafter.
The Company and the Broker entered into a dealer agreement dated March 26, 2013, as amended on May 10, 2013, whereby the Broker was engaged to operate an automatic share purchase plan (the " ASPP ") under the NCIB.
Essential plans to enter into an Automatic Share Purchase Plan ( ASPP ) with a broker for the purpose of buying Shares through Essential s regularly scheduled blackout periods.
Harry provided strong leadership for ASPP, and later Argosy, during a period of consistent double digit growth," Dr.
Nordion has entered into an automatic share purchase plan (ASPP) under which the Company's broker, RBC Capital Markets, purchases shares in accordance with the policies of the applicable exchange that the common shares are purchased on and based on guidelines the Company provides the broker at the time the ASPP is established.
Growth in student populations and operating income at ASPP, the University of Sarasota and MIM exceeded our expectations," Dr.
Markovitz, ASPP campuses in Chicago, Atlanta, Honolulu and Minneapolis already have been awarded this distinction.