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ASRAAMAdvanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile
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ASRAAM, which will also be fitted to the Royal Navy's Sea Harrier FA2s, is part of the new generation of highly-agile 'fire-and-forget' missiles, using infra red sensors to lock onto its target.
The ASRAAM is a high-speed, high-agility, short-range IR-homing air-to-air missile being manufactured to arm RAF Tornado and Harrier attack fighter aircraft.
These aircraft are usually equipped with ASRAAM and AIM-120 missiles.
Guided by an imaging infrared seeker effectively a video camera that images infrared light ASRAAM is able to detect and track targets night or day.
In the event, France, Germany and then the US left the programme, British Aerospace (now BAE Systems) became the prime contractor for the ASRAAM in 1988 with the programme now led by MBDA.
The UK Royal Air Force has fielded the MBDA ASRAAM that, when combined with a helmet-mounted sight, matches the performance of Russian systems.
One pilot at the Leuchars Air Show in Fife, where the new ASRAAM missile was unveiled, said it could give Saddam's pilots a "real headache".
Manufacturer MBDA has received a contract from The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to deliver an updated version of its infrared-guided ASRAAM missile for British F-35B Lightning II fighters.
The pounds 800million ASRAAM air-to-air missile should have entered service last year - three years late and pounds 250million over budget.
Hughes also submitted an AIM-9X proposal for ASRAAM P3I, which provided modifications to the United Kingdom's ASRAAM to meet U.
The deal will see MBDA manufacturing an additional stockpile of an ugraded version of the ASRAAM, which is presently in service with Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon and Tornado aircraft.
Australia is the first Hornet operator to acquire the ASRAAM, manufactured by MBDA (Paris, France), and the HERO test is required to ensure that electromagnetic emissions don't interfere with the missile or aircraft or cause the missile's electro-explosive devices, rocket motor, or warhead to fire or malfunction.