ASRADAdvanced Systems Research and Development (Australia)
ASRADAlternative Strategies and Regulatory Affairs Division (Pest Management Regulatory Agency; Canada)
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Developed as a private venture, the modular Asrad can be mounted on a range of tracked and wheeled chassis and also modified to launch missiles such as the MBDA Mistral and the Igla.
The Skyranger Missile Launcher System consists of the Rheinmetall Asrad with four Saab Bofors Dynamics Bolide missiles in the ready-to-launch position.
The member of the Leadership Council of the PUK, Farid Asrad told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "the priority at this difficult stage is to improve living conditions and ensure staff and faculty salaries and not to raise the Kurdish issue and organizing the referendum.
The German Army also uses the Stinger, launched from the Rheinmetall Asrad (Advanced Short Range Air Defence) system, to provide self-propelled shorad cover.
The order included 50 missile launch vehicles carrying Rheinmetall Asrad air defence systems with four ready-to-launch Stinger missiles, ten platoon command posts with the Ericsson Hard radar and seven battery command post vehicles.
For Rheinmetall's Oerlikon Contraves a choice candidate would of course be the Saab RBS 70 Mk2 Asrad-R developed by STN Atlas, not to mention the Asrad Hellas which can fire American Stingers or Russian Iglas.
LeFlaSys: The Stinger will also be the initial armament for the German Army's LeFlaSys (as mentioned earlier) -- also referred to as the Asrad (Atlas Short-Range Air Defence) system -- and which was developed primarily to protect rapid deployment forces.