ASRBAccounting Standards Review Board (New Zealand)
ASRBArchitectural and Site Review Board (Woodside, CA)
ASRBAgricultural Scientists Recruitment Board (India)
ASRBApplied Sociocultural Research Branch
ASRBAirworthiness Safety Review Board
ASRBArizona School Readiness Board
ASRBAss Scratchin' Rodeo Band (band)
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Later, the minutes of the 63rd meeting of ASRB were approved and all
'Though the ASRB does not require the VC's presence as registrar, his attendance as the head of the institution is essential because the aim of the meeting was to discuss the design of courses to be taught in the departments,' said the official.
were responsible for precipitating copper (as CuS) in a microbial mat found at the bottom layer and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) originated from photosynthetic and chemosynthetic primary producers serving as substrates for the aSRB. The pH of AMD obtained from this bottom layer was extremely acidic (pH < 3), and the dark grey coloration was due to the accumulation of copper sulfide, presumably as a result of biosulfidogenesis.
Australia's ASRB: A case study of political activity and regulatory capture', Accounting and Business Research, 17(67), 269-86.
For growth, alkaliphilic sulfate-reducing bacteria (ASRB) require sulfates or other oxidized sulfur compounds as electron acceptors.
Before recruitment, ethical approval from institutional Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB) was secured.
Meanwhile, a meeting of Advance Study and Research Board (ASRB) was held at the varsity with Prof.
Agriculture Scientists Recruitment Board ( ASRB) chairman C.
During his Ph.D work, he was selected as Agricultural Research Scientist (ARS) scientist through a National level test of Agricultural Research Scientist Recruitment Board (ASRB) of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).
The new consortium, Safe-by-Wire Plus, plans to launch its new open standard Automotive Safety Restraint Bus, version 2.0 (ASRB 2.0), this month.
Accounting Standards Review Board (1985), Release 100: Criteria for the Evaluation of Standards (Melbourne: ASRB).