ASRFAustralian Street Rod Federation (hot rod vehicles)
ASRFAdam Smith Research Foundation (University of Glasgow, UK)
ASRFAdvanced Size Reduction Facility
ASRFAircraft Survivability Research Facility
ASRFAutomation Sciences Research Facility
ASRFAmerican Society of Refrigerating Engineers (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
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In addition to cash flow borrowing, under a referendum approved on the November 2014 ballot the county received authorization to borrow from the ASRF through 2017 to provide budgetary relief.
All amounts borrowed from the ASRF must be repaid by 2029, with payments commencing in 2018.
The major question probed in this paper is therefore quite straightforward: What types of metaphors are embedded in the tributes that have been paid to Mwalimu Isaacs by ASRF members since his passing?
The ASRF model in the new Basel capital framework does not allow for the explicit measurement of concentration risk.
Three filling conditions, 5 and 30 mm/s in the region preceding the plateau of the ASRF curves (unstable region), and 120 mm/s (stable region), were selected to give three groups of moldings.
The ASRF estimated cash balance for year-end 2017 was approximately $53 million.
A referendum was approved on the November 2014 ballot which authorized the county to borrow from the ASRF through 2017 to provide tax relief.
Approximately 300 of the works of the six ASRF female scholars studied in this essay have been cited numerously by various authors.
The ATWS affiliated African Studies and Research Forum (ASRF) presented the "Excellence in Research Award" to Dr.
Mwalimu Falola is a member of many scholarly organizations, including the Historical Society of Nigeria (HSN), the African Studies Association (ASA), Canadian Association of African Studies (CAAS), the Association of Third World Studies (ATWS), and the African Studies and Research Forum (ASRF).
The African Studies and Research Forum (ASRF), an affiliate organization of ATWS, presented two awards.