ASRGArc Standard Raster Graphic
ASRGanti Spam Research Group
ASRGAnti-Spam Research Group (IETF)
ASRGAdvanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator (US NASA)
ASRGAtmospheric Science Research Group (Science and Technology Research Institute; University of Hertfordshire; UK)
ASRGAssociation de soutien aux rescapés du génocide
ASRGARC Standard Raster Graphics
ASRGAnger Self-Report General (psychology)
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(16) Gifford and Kenny, "Defining Refugee Youth Settlement"; ASRG, Settlement Outcomes.
Rather than trying to develop a single unified regional research programme, the ASRG aimed to identify areas of common interest and think about ways that researchers and students, including many people not involved with ASRG, could federate their research interests.
An attempt to draw together at least some of the NSW convict archaeological research was one of the motivations behind the 2008 creation of the Archaeology of Sydney Research Group (ASRG) as a joint initiative between University of Sydney academic staff and a group of professional historical archaeologists.