ASRMSAnnual Staffing and Resource Management Simulator (USPS)
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The ASRMS will enable us to better manage the satellite spectrum used in the Sultanate and enhance cooperation with other telecommunications regulatory agencies," explains Al-Balushi.
Today, the ASRMS can monitor an extremely wide area from Europe to Asia.
The completion of this phase demonstrated that the team could move to the full-scale fabrication, assembly, integration and testing of the ASRMS," explains Duboe.
Starting with a completely barren site, Kratos managed the build-out to support the ASRMS. This included the installation of seven antennas, one of the most critical parts of the implementation.
This enabled the ASRMS to cover a range of signals from 80 MHz to 40GHz.
The overall ASRMS system is a fixed site, but this core system can also be networked with mobile units.