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ASRSArizona State Retirement System
ASRSAviation Safety Reporting System
ASRSAmerican Society of Retinal Specialists (eyes)
ASRSAutomatic Storage and Retrieval System
ASRSAdult Self-Report Scale
ASRSAutomated Storage & Retrieval System
ASRSAmalgamated Society of Railway Servants (est. 1871)
ASRSAnion Self-Regenerating Suppressor (Dionex)
ASRSAutomated Support Requirements System (NASA)
ASRSAdvocate Statistical Reporting Software
ASRSAssociation of Students of the Radiologic Sciences
ASRSAutomated Software Reporting System
ASRSAir Sea Rescue Service (Australia)
ASRSAir Surveillance and Range System
ASRSAerospace Safety Research System
ASRSAdvanced Sales Reference Service (National Underwriter Company)
ASRSAutomated Student Record System
ASRSAir Search Radar System
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ASRS in the automotive industry is more common in Europe and the US.
Global ASRS market by food and beverage industry: The growth of the ASRS market in the food and beverage industry during the forecast period is attributable to the increase in SKU proliferation, transfer of products among various sites, and the need to adhere to the quality of the product.
It uses the ASRS as the only type of inventory staging, and the maximum time a part is in the ASRS is 18 hours.
In addition to the dissemination of responsible information to physicians and patients throughout the world, ASRS provides continuing medical education opportunities and sponsors grants through ARF to support retina-related research.
In addition to reporting programs that are investigated and verified, ASRS gives aviation workers another way to report potential safety issues.
Reimburse Sunnyside Unified School District the amount of Alternate Contribution Rate (ACR) the District had to pay ASRS as a result of #2 .
In addition to improving customer service, the EDMS will allow ASRS to handle a larger workload by providing the following benefits:
Nasdaq: TIER) announced a contract award from the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) for the implementation of various technology components identified by ASRS in its Public Employees Retirement Information System (PERIS) Application Development Plan.