ASRUAutomatic Speech Recognition and Understanding (workshop)
ASRUAuckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit (Auckland, New Zealand)
ASRUAIDS and Society Research Unit (South Africa)
ASRUAustralian Services Rugby Union
ASRUAgricultural Systems Research Unit (USDA)
ASRUApplied Social Research Unit
ASRUApplied Statistics Research Unit (University of Kent, UK)
ASRUAquaculture Systems Research Unit
ASRUAnalog Stimulus and Response Unit (Agilent)
ASRUAnalog Stimulus Response Unit
ASRUAdvanced Sensors Research Unit (University of Limerick; Ireland)
ASRUAustralian Schools Rugby Union
ASRUArmy Strategic Readiness Update
ASRUAntiviral Susceptibility Reference Unit
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* Analog stimulus response unit card (ASRU): Provides analog measurements capability.
The ASRU card also enables power monitoring and high voltage zener measurements.
Six participants were selected from one department of All Star Research University's (ASRU) College of Education using purposive sampling.
When I first came to ASRU that September, we had our first training with LiveText in a face-to-face workshop.
ASRU disciplinary panel concluded the high reading for testosterone was probably due to "the player's acute alcohol ingestion" before the sample was collected.
One exhibit, the mummified remains of Asru, a chantress at the Temple of Amun in Karnak, has been seen unwrapped at Manchester Museum for 120 years.
But Asru and others are to be covered after calls for more respect and dignity to be shown to the remains.
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