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It is noteworthy that the family of Hatem Abu Assab fled to the city after forcibly displaced from the neighborhood of Baqaa west of Jerusalem in 1948, after the massacre of Deir Yassin, and grandfather lived in a room in the neighborhood of Bab al-Amoud, before moving to the current house in 1952, which he shared with the family of Apple, In it, before moving from it to another place.
Dubai Ports World is looking to help develop the commercial port of Assab, and in August 2018 the UAE announced a pipeline project linking Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to Assab in Eritrea.
"RSADO is gravely concerned about UAE's disproportionate airstrike against, already vulnerable, Afar civilians and civilian properties since UAE Military Forces stationed in the Assab Town of Dankalia Afar region"
The source said that the military bases of Israel and the UAE are located in Assab port and the port overlooks Bab el-Mandeb Strait and it is located about 64 kilometers from al-Mukha port in Bab el-Mandeb.
Abu Assab said that only a couple of weeks ago another of the Jerusalemites arrested, Islam Al Natsha, was given a five month-administrative sentence on similar charges.
The European Commission has agreed a Euro 30 million grant to upgrade the 132-kilometre Kombolcha to Mille road in Ethiopia, which provides essential access for central, western and northern Ethiopia to the ports of Djibouti and Assab. The Kombolcha-Mille road links two main trunk roads: the Addis Ababa-Kombolcha-Woldiya-Mekele-Asmara road, and the Awash-Mille-Assab/Djibouti road.
Since May 1998, when a fierce border war erupted between African neighbours Ethiopia and Eritrea, the Eritrean ports of Assab and Massawa have been off-limits to Ethiopian importers and exporters.
Five towns will have Internet connections: Asmara (the capital), Dekamhare, Keren, Massawa, and Mendefera, with Assab and Barentu to be added in the near future.
Eritrea said yesterday it had repulsed Ethiopian forces after a day-long battle in burning desert heat close to the Red Sea port of Assab, inflicting heavy casualties on its enemy.
An Eritrean presidential spokesman said Ethiopian forces launched their offensive against the Red Sea port of Assab.
For tools that need to run a long time, buyers can specify harder steels, such as ASSAB 718 HH, a modified P-20 steel with a hardness between Rc 35 and 40.