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The use of satellite data or drones in product design and claim processes have also significantly helped the insurance industry address some key challenges," said Assah.
Ahmed Mohammed Nagy , Consulting Actuary, U.A.E Insurance Authority ; Fatou Assah, Program Manager, Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation, World Bank Group; Sager Nadershah, Managing Director, Aljazira Takaful; Fareed Lutfi, Secretary General, Emirates Insurance Association & General Arab Insurance Federation ; Dave Matcham , Chief Executive, International Underwriting Association of London (IUA); Peter Hodgins , Partner, Clyde & Co; Parvaiz Siddiq , Chief Executive Officer, SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Co; Michele Grosso , Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Democrance; Nor Azman Zainal , Chief Executive Officer, Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad, & Sedick Isaacs , Head: Business Support Service, Bryte Insurance Company Limited, A Fairfax Company , among others.
Groom Dominic Narty, 28, and witness Elvis Assah were charged after police swooped on the ceremony at Newtownards registry office on Thursday.
Assah, 29, of Rodgerson Close, Cardiff, is accused of acting as a witness to the marriage he knew or had a reasonable belief would breach immigration law.
Gustave Assah, chairman of the Civic Commission for Africa who traveled to Yokohama from Benin for the conference, said, ''Japan and African governments must make true their commitment for civil society participation through a clear and institutionalized role in the TICAD 4 follow-up mechanism.''
Until that is done, the pathos in Assah's voice will continue to ring loud: "Imagine a child handicapped for life because of this ailment when it could easily have been treated." Certainly, this is one message no one can afford to ignore.
Those who disappeared are said to have been arrested in Pangani, Kipini, Gamba, Mnazini, Odha and Assah Kone areas.
They were grazing cattle in Assah Kone area bordering the Tsavo East National park.
"It is true that one German national of Turkish origin has been arrested by police here," Foreign Ministry spokesman Assah Mwanmbene told dpa.
''To be told just before TICAD is to begin that many of us gathering from civil societies across Africa and the rest of the world will not be able to attend the plenary sessions, I am astonished and feel strong resentment,'' Gustave Assah, chairman of the Civic Commission for Africa who traveled from Benin for the conference, said in a statement issued in Tokyo.
''We came all the way to Japan, at the Japanese government's invitation,'' said Assah, whose network represents some 300 African NGOs.