ASSEDICAssociation pour l’Emploi dans l’Industrie et le Commerce
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Communication between the different actors, territorial authorities, devolved government services and ASSEDIC needs to be strengthened so as to identify effective practices that can be adopted by all.
Hearing the television news detail the level of unemployment payments as cameras showed people in sleeping bags in Assedics in the depth of winter, the French people were affronted by the appalling niggardliness of Labour and `social solidarity' minister Aubry's policies.
3.47 Improvements have been made with the institution of the plan d'aide au retour h l'emploi (PARE, plan to help to bring people back to work) in 2001 that bring the ANPE and the Assedic closer.
A personalised action plan (part of the PARE) is now offered to any newly unemployed person, in the form of a contract between the unemployed and the unemployment institutions (Assedic and the ANPE).