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According to a private TV channel, stepping into Pakistani politics first time after her three family members, Assefa Bhutto will contest by-election from PS 11 Larkana after the seat was de-notified by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) following the verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
"Even if they arrest Bilawal, my daughter Assefa will be there to lead the party," said Zardari.
In this study we counted the tiller number of the crop at physiological maturity but Assefa et al.
Associated Factors sectional of Antenatal Depression among Women Attending Antenatal Care Service Assefa GW 2015 Shashemane Prevalence and Cross factors associated sectional with antenatal depression among women following antenatal care Tesera 2017 Sodo Antenatal depressive sy Cohort et al.
General Musharraf said that he is addressing to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Assefa and Bakhtawar in particular, then people of Sindh province and every citizen of Pakistan in general who were aggrieved by the death of Benazir Bhutto.
We exert all efforts to ensure that you run a normal and secure life," Brig Gen Assefa Gebru Workneh, UNISFA Chief Liaison Officer for Abyei, emphasized during the hand-over ceremony.
Ethiopia's Sofia Assefa was the bronze medalist in London in 2012 and is a former Pre Classic meet record-holder with a PR of 9:09.00.a
Wolfgang, 67, met his wife, Ethiopian-born designer Gelila Assefa, in a restaurant, and they have two school-age sons, Oliver and Alexander.
But resident Assefa Teklemahimanot told the ( AP  garbage dumping had restarted in recent months after it was halted for several years, and that's what likely caused the landslide.
These two athletes are tied at the top of the Diamond League with Sofia Assefa third.
belli M K Mathur et al [8] 2013 135 (24.8%) 42 (7.7%) S Deorukhkar et al [9] 2011 32 (9.64%) 19 (5.72%) K K Dwivedi et al [10] 2007 23 (46%) 2 (4%) S Assefa et al [11] 2009 43 (20.1) 26 (12.2%) Present study 2015 9 (18%) 2 (4%) Study Series A.