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ASSESSA System for Selecting Suitable Sites (software; Australia)
ASSESSAdiabatic Slice-Selective Excitation for Surface Coils
ASSESSAdjustment Scales for Sociometric Evaluation of Secondary-School Students (psychology)
ASSESSAnalyzing Scaffolding Software in Educational Settings in Science (US NSF)
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A common psychological tool known as the Profile of Mood States (POMS) is a test composed of 65 questions that assess fatigue, anxiety, depression, vigor, and total mood.
Many resources for on-line instruction sites are available free of charge on the Internet, but these sites need to be assessed by instructors to make sure that a site being recommended is useful (Mourant, 1999).
Analyses in each study found that each of the three scales used to assess noctcaelador thus far have had unidimensional factor structures.
In addition, looking at new ways to measure or assess bone loss is another fertile area of research.
Now, such understanding is part of the audit evidence and goes beyond the initial phase of the audit to assess the risk of material misstatement throughout the audit.
The classical approach to assess discharges is to take upstream and downstream water samples to determine that effect.
Cook County Assessor James Houlihan says his 2003 measure, which capped annual increases of taxable assessed value at 7 percent for many homeowners in the county, provided much-needed relief to residents on the South and Near West sides where waves of high-priced condominiums and townhouses have driven up the property values for longtime residents.
"The purpose of our trip was to assess the ports in terms of capability to support contingency operations in that region."
These steps are defining the project plan and key milestones, building a structure to assess the controls, obtaining input on the design of company-level controls, documenting and assessing the controls, testing their effectiveness, and engaging in gap remediation and continuous improvement.
Because adaptation is both multidimensional and subjective, it is suggested that an appropriate measure of adaptation to CIAD is necessarily one that (a) is sufficiently broad to assess change across a range of life domains, and (b) is able to portray the individual's subjective experience of changes within those domains.