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What matter if it swallows all That you describe as your "assets"?
What however went first of all or rather vanished was nothing in the nature of an asset. It was that plotting governess with the trick of a "perfect lady" manner (severely conventional) and the soul of a remorseless brigand.
With the usual inconsistency of the person to whom life is by no means a valuable asset, I am obeying the orders of my physician.
Even as it is, she was quite right: she was suffering and that was her asset, so to speak, her capital which she had a perfect right to dispose of.
He contemplated with unspeakable delight the large diamond which shone on the major's little finger; for the major, like a prudent man, in case of any accident happening to his bank-notes, had immediately converted them into an available asset. Then, after dinner, on the pretext of business, he questioned the father and son upon their mode of living; and the father and son, previously informed that it was through Danglars the one was to receive his 48,000 francs and the other 50,000 livres annually, were so full of affability that they would have shaken hands even with the banker's servants, so much did their gratitude need an object to expend itself upon.
"There's the black suit," the pawnbroker, who knew his every asset, had answered.
He was a good actor, and he had found geniality a most valuable asset in the game of getting on in the world.
"That the Huron is a liar, is very evident," returned Heyward, coolly; "you have yourself heard him asset you to be La Longue Carabine."
It may be either an invaluable asset or a nuisance.
When the child attained age 14 or more, the assets were typically sold or redeemed, because the tax no longer applied.
"Statement 157 makes good sense for valuing financial instruments, but it is bad for the valuation of non-financial assets and liabilities, such as intangibles and hard assets." says Alfred King, vice chairman of Marshall & Stevens, a national valuation firm.
(2) Consolidated Nikko AM Tokyo and its overseas subsidiaries' assets under management (includes advised assets).