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ASSETSA Service for Self-Employment, Training, and Support
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What however went first of all or rather vanished was nothing in the nature of an asset.
He is younger than I am, and youth is a big asset nowadays.
That the Huron is a liar, is very evident," returned Heyward, coolly; "you have yourself heard him asset you to be La Longue Carabine.
It may be either an invaluable asset or a nuisance.
He contemplated with unspeakable delight the large diamond which shone on the major's little finger; for the major, like a prudent man, in case of any accident happening to his bank-notes, had immediately converted them into an available asset.
Come, speak frankly, mon fils; elle est encore jeune, plus agee que toi peut-etre, mais juste asset pour unir la tendresse d'une petite maman a l'amour d'une epouse devouee; n'est-ce pas que cela t'irait superieurement?
Her one asset, the fact that her mother was what the Epsom greengrocer called a carriage lady had no exchange value, apparently.
But a certain limitation of mind seems to be an indispensable asset, if not to all public personages, at least to all serious financiers.
With the usual inconsistency of the person to whom life is by no means a valuable asset, I am obeying the orders of my physician.
There's the black suit," the pawnbroker, who knew his every asset, had answered.
He was a good actor, and he had found geniality a most valuable asset in the game of getting on in the world.
For moral courage is a worthless asset on this little floating world.