ASSETTAdvanced Systems Supportability Engineering Technologies and Tools
ASSETTArts and Sciences Support of Education through Technology (University of Colorado)
ASSETTAssistive Services to Schools for Education, Technology, and Training (Concord, NH)
ASSETTAssistive Sensory Services for Education Technology and Training
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It was Strachan who suggested recently that football should stand united behind Forest and compensate them in some way for the unfortunate loss of such a valuable assett, so as to freeze van Hooijdonk out of the game and ensure that there isn't a repeat of such actions.
A committed, fit and raring to go Jason Koumas would be an assett for the Albion.
He confirmed to the City in June that his Sport Assett Group - which also owns the ProZone match analysis system - was planning a bid.
Drummond Kerr, Meridian Private Client LLP' Narinder Paul, KPMG' Mark Embley, Director, UBS' Peter London, Ashby London' Lynda Matthews, Ernst & Young' Russell Homer, Clement Keys' Matthew Brumsen, UBS, Head of UK Wealth Management' Vanessa Birt, Ernst & Young' Paul Brady, THB Financial Services Ltd' Nikki Thomas, UBS' Mark Rogers, Clay Rogers' Tim Clay, Clay Rogers' Rob Meek, Bentley Jennison' Christopher Houlding, Executive Director UBS' Helen Blackburn, Oaklands Financial Services' Andrew Shaw, Shaw & Co' Ian Mackay, Shaw & Co' Mike Conway, Conway Belwell' Martin King, Director UBS' Julie Cox, Charles Russell' Adrian Yates, Meridian Assett Management Pictures, ROLAND ROWLEY
I rate him right up there with the best and his biggest assett is his consistency
But given that the income from the BBC's offer is 50 per cent lower than Sky's it is possible that over the course of the season, the assett column may well be matched by the debit.