ASSGAbuse Survivors Support Group (Sam Houston State University)
ASSGAssociation of Scottish Shellfish Growers
ASSGAustralian Screen Sound Guild (professional guild; est. 1988)
ASSGActive and Standby Staff Group (Australian Army Reserve pool)
ASSGArts and Sciences Student Government (University of Colorado)
ASSGAdministrative Support Services Group (New York)
ASSGAerospace Security Safety Group (UK)
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The survey was sent to Australian clinician memberships of the ASSG (n = 228) and ANZCHOG (n = 129) database, of which 12 emails were undeliverable.
A higher score on the ASSG indicates a more negative appraisal of
HMI([m.sub.k]) = csg([m.sub.k]) x (([absolute value of H]/[Omega] + 1) x BitOr + BitSet + Var Assg)