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ASSIArea of Special Scientific Interest (conservation designation; Northern Ireland, UK)
ASSIAssociazione di Storia e Studi Sull'Impresa (Italian: Association of History and Business Studies)
ASSIAssociation of Small Scale Industries (India)
ASSIAirglow Solar Spectrometer Instrument
ASSIAb Statens Skogsindustrier
ASSIAdditional Special Skill Indicator
ASSIAerial Scout Sensors Integration
ASSIArvin Suspension Systems Italy
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Defense counsel Eugene O'Sullivan, representing the interests of Ayyash, declined to cross-examine Assi.
Assi was considered to be one of the people behind the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv that wounded 24 people during Israel's Operation Pillar of Defence in 2012 against Hamas in Gaza.
Assi joined the local police in Antelias and Mansour joined the judicial police in Beirut and life looked set.
Meeting members of a delegation of the Syrian community in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg, Minister Assi stressed the importance of their visit because it shows the expatriates' belonging to their homeland.
Assi clarified that the implementation of the project will foster the land rehabilitation, reclamation and development of agricultural lands in Palestine.
Dennis Jeter, President and CEO of ASSI, knows he has a good business story to tell prospective employees, but he also wanted employee benefits to differentiate ASSI from other employers competing for talented designers and developers.
To be able to put a city like Beirut on canvas, one should take into consideration the layers of its history and heritage, the complexity of its social organisations and the diversity of its cultures," said Ms Assi.
Minister of Economy and Trade Lamia Assi discussed on Thursday with Director of Accessions Division at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Chiedu Osakwe the coordination mechanisms to facilitate Syria's accession to WTO after it gained the approval last May.
When we used to spend the night watching "The Moon's Bridge" - or bow before the magnificence of "Gherbeh" when she used to stand with pride in the face of "the authoritarian Fatek" or at the foot of the "Sawan Mountains," we never thought about how much Assi earned nor about the share that Mansour received from these performances
Syrian Economics Minister Lamia Assi has said that Syria aims at building strong economic ties with regional countries and integrating into the world economy, the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT reported Wednesday.
I often go on foreign trips and except for some limitations that the Saudi government has considered for doing the Hajj pilgrimage, this was the first time that I was prevented from entering a country," Assi told FNA on Monday, noting that his anti-Israeli remarks had caused his deportation.
Shot from the perspective of a four-strong team of men within a tank during the First Lebanon War, the film begins in June, 1982, with tank commander Assi (Itay Tiran) preparing to lead his men into hostile territory.