ASSIPArmy Strategic Software Improvement Program (long-term effort focusing on acquisition programs, people, production and sustainment, and the institutionalization of continuous improvement)
ASSIPAspiring Scientists Summer Internship Program (George Mason University)
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To that end, the ASSIP Software Architecture Initiative added a limited skill-building component in FY05.
As Figure 2 shows, once programs had been nominated, two experienced SEI staff members followed a process to rank the programs based on a set of criteria developed for ASSIP.
In May 2007, the ASSIP conducted a software architecture workshop designed to determine the need for additional investment and actions in order to develop a sustained and truly organic software architecture capability within Army acquisition.
Based on results to date of the ASSIP Software Architecture Initiative, several lessons may be gleaned for organizations contemplating a similar educational program.
As originally envisioned in FY03 and depicted in Figure 4, the ASSIP Software Architecture Initiative would have transitioned responsibility for the architecture training from an ASSIP-sponsored effort to the Army SECs and DAU by FY05.
Perhaps the most significant outcome of the workshop was that a number of program offices indicated that they were only willing to pursue evaluation of their software architectures because ASSIP paid for the evaluations, yet all recognized the value of the evaluation afterwards (Bergey et al.
The success of the software architecture initiative led to a number of tasks for ASSIP in FY08 that seek to build on successes as well as to address the lessons learned and workshop results.
Through the ASSIP Software Architecture Initiative, the U.