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ASSOAustralasian Society for the Study of Obesity (now Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society)
ASSOAluminium Sablage du Sud-Ouest (French: Aluminium Sanding Southwest)
ASSOArcheologia Subacquea Speleologia Organizzazione (Italian: Underwater Archeology Speleology Organization)
ASSOAdenosarcoma with Sarcomatous Overgrowth
ASSOAmerican Society of Surgical Oncology
ASSOAmerican Studies Student Organization (Oklahoma)
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The head of mission at Open Arms, Fabrizio Gatti, contradicted the Libyan version and said a member of the Asso 28 crew told him over the phone the Italian boat carried out the rescue and was taking the migrants back to Libya.
Boyce realised the situation was made for songwriting and the second verse of Asso Asso, which he performed as if being sung by the Japanese themselves, was conceived: "In Penygraig we play first game / Papers say we not to blame / Papers say we not lack class / Just not used to 5ft grass."
On day two, ASSO started the day with back to back matches for the Under eight group.
The theme for this year's conference is 'ASSO Challenges', where participants will discuss challenges facing the industry and find solutions to these challenges.
The author of Reprises (1989), Deliement (1991), Du jeu, a quoi ca rime (1995), and Nathalie Sarraute: Une ecriture de l'effraction (1995), Asso has clearly been inspired by the literary innovations of the last-mentioned writer, but just as clearly she has gone beyond her mentor's creative efforts.
Asso's book sets out to demonstrate that the dispute is far more than a discussion of techniques of philology, for as Asso puts it, "the controversy between Erasmus and Lee .
ASSO, as the representative body and voice of Namibian retailers, keeps a close eye on developments and challenges in the market and tries to be pro-active on events mindful of the impact thereof on retailers and their interest.
'During martial law, your commanders-you can arrest any person, search any house, [without a] warrant [and only an] Asso [which] could be signed by [Armed Forces chief] General [Eduardo] Ano,' he had said.
Wo chie I r is Asso tha com Wa get a IOC Th st bWs Ward had been hoping to get a wild card entry from the IOC.
The retail fuel industry in Namibia is still facing a tough economic climate, especially smaller retailers who have a limited turnover of product, said Rupert Harmse, chairman of the Association of Service Station Owners (ASSO).
In this regard, Botes pointed out that the calculations made by the ASSO are not quite correct, as the margin decrease the association is referring to should be 42%, rather than 58%.
Produced in asso ciation with Brown Thomas Menswear, it will feature the latest motoring news.