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ASSPApplications of Signal Processing (IEEE conference)
ASSPAcoustics Speech and Signal Processing
ASSPAnti-Spam SMTP Proxy
ASSPApplication Specific Standard Products
ASSPAnalysis Services Stored Procedure (project)
ASSPApplication Specific Standard Part
ASSPApplication Specified Standard Product
ASSPApplication Server Software Platform
ASSPAide Sanitaire Suisse Aux Palestiniens (French: Swiss Medical assistance with Palestinians)
ASSPApplication Specific Signal Processor
ASSPAerosol Scattering Spectrometer Probe
ASSPAutomated Seavan Shipment Planning System
ASSPAngelic Sisters of St. Paul (religious order)
ASSPArchitecture for Survivable System Processing
ASSPArmy Service Strategy Panel (US Army)
ASSPAuxiliary Scattering Spectrometer Probe
ASSPApplication Specific Standard Protocol
ASSPApplication System Security Plan (US DoD)
ASSPAfter School Support Program (various locations)
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ASSP provides a complete, time-to-market connectivity solution stack, including the application-specific silicon, software stack, real time operation system (RTOS) and TCP/IP stack.
The IDC report analyzing the North American and worldwide market for ASSP is based on the IDC 2004 Software Market Forecaster Database, which covers over 85 functional software markets worldwide by multiple operating environment and many geographic dimensions.
The second, or integration, layer of the model is responsible for bringing together both applications and data for a common purpose, using XML or a similar vehicle, This layer can represent functionality added to an ASSP, either through internal development or through a partnership or acquisition.
Availability of NEL's ASSP chip is truly a game changer for the industry as it not only enables lower cost 100G solutions for the long haul systems, commensurate with the OIF power dissipation guidelines, but it also makes possible the next generation modules and cards for the metro networks enabling the economies of scale needed for the mass deployment of 100G.
In addition QuickLogic offers a variety of hot swappable PCI bridge ASSPs including 32-bit system master, bus master, bus target, and stand-alone target for 33 MHz and 50 MHz PCI busses, with internal bus speeds ranging from 33 MHz to 75 MHz.
Altera's Mercury family addresses this need by combining the advanced CDR transceiver technology of an ASSP with world-class programmable logic.
Table 2: Worldwide Unix and Linux-Based ASSP Market (2008): Market Shares of Leading Players by Revenues - Oracle/BEA Systems, IBM, Hitachi and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-21
In November 2008, NEC Electronics announced the first super-resolution ASSP (part number oPD9245GJ) for HD image processing, which has been gaining popularity in the market.
Based on the company's unique single-frame super-resolution technology, the small, low-power ASSP (part number uPD9245GJ) reduces the blurring that occurs when low-resolution images are expanded and displayed in high-resolution.
NEC Electronics' single-chip digital PLM-1 modem ASSP (part number uPD65942Y47) contains a half-duplex transmitter/receiver for PLC, operates in noisy electrical environments, and supports a range of programmable baud rates and carrier frequencies.
Additionally, multiple boards can be stacked or interconnected to support virtually any size ASIC, ASSP or SoC design.