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In the industrial arena, FPGA-based co-processing can play an important role by reducing the computational load on the AP, ASIC, or ASSP in video camera, surveillance, and machine vision applications.
Moreover, to make matters worse, the implementation of the management processing unit (MPU) of many of platforms (i.e., SoC, ASSP, or intelligent control devices) has been often carried out using the so-called soft-processors, which are mapped to the reconfigurable logic of the FPGA and usually do not have enough processing power for the most demanding applications.
One drawback of all this change is that general-purpose CPUs require more watts per video stream than ASSPs; however, as more and more functions are collapsed into fewer discrete solutions, the difference is becoming smaller for some classes of CPU.
FAW will use STa[euro](tm)s MCUs, application specific standard products (ASSPs) and smart drives in its research in automotive electronics platforms.
With unparalleled integration, the BCM55524 SoC combines the functionality of up to seven application- specific standard parts (ASSPs) and eliminates seven on-board memory devices, dramatically reducing system costs by up to 50 percent.
With unparalleled integration, the BCM85620 combines the functionality of up to ten off-the-shelf application-specific standard parts (ASSPs) into one SoC, dramatically lowering power consumption and system costs.
The market consulting organization estimated chips for application specific standard products (ASSPs)to see strong growth, including baseband chips, CMOS sensors, and NAND Flash.
-- The Linley Group ranked Entropic #1 in its "Communications Semiconductor Market Share 2009" with a 32% share in worldwide revenue of the top 4 vendors of home networking and access application specific standard products (ASSPs).
New product families are positioned to compete favorably against ASICs and ASSPs. Programmable logic ICs are positioned to compete against other types of chips such as microcontrollers, microprocessors, and digital signal processors.
The all-in-one solution offers surveillance equipment manufacturers the ability to reduce board space, lower power consumption, increase flexibility and reduce development time compared to previous architectures using traditional digital signal processors and ASSPs.
According to the company, the A8T84140-AMC board contains 4 high-speed LSI Tarari T1050, low-cost application-specific standard products (ASSPs) optimised for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), each of which offers up to 512MB of DDR2 memory for pattern storage and stateful inspection, capable of performing DPI at wire-speed of 10Gb/s.