ASSQAutism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire
ASSQAssociation des Statisticiens et Statisticiennes du Quebec (French; Canadian statistician association)
ASSQAsperger's Syndrome Screening Questionnaire
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Because we expected some ASD cases among children in the regular schools, we offered to evaluate those most likely to have ASDs, that is, those who will be screened positive on the teacher rated ASSQ.
MP Hassan KUnhi, chairman of ASSQ presided over the function while Amanulla Vadakkangara was the moderator.
All parents were asked to complete the ASSQ; additionally, teachers were asked to complete the ASSQ for all children who had any ASD characteristics, as described in educational sessions led by the research team.
Autistic features in a total population of 7-9-year-old children assessed by the ASSQ.