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ASSRAutonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
ASSRAuditory Steady State Response
ASSRArab Social Science Research
ASSRAmerican Society of Spine Radiology
ASSRAttestation Scolaire de Sécurité Routière (French: School Certificate of Road Safety)
ASSRAdvanced Single-Slice Rebinning (algorithm)
ASSRAgreed Set of Security Rules
ASSRArmenian Soviet Socialist Republic
ASSRAzerbaijani Soviet Socialist Republic
ASSRApplication Software Structural Review (software validation for FDA accreditation)
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The ASSR technique will advance the collection of hearing data from other marine mammal species not maintained in captivity.
We report the cases of 2 children with bilateral severe-to-profound SNHL that was confirmed on ASSR audiometry by abnormal tympanograms.
The ASSR in both cases was measured by the GSI Audera system, which determines the phase coherence between the phase of the modulating frequency of an amplitude/frequency-modulated stimulus and the phase of the background electroencephalogram (EEG) at the same modulation frequency.
The ASSR is generated when the carrier frequency is presented at a rate (the modulation frequency) that is sufficient to cause an overlapping of transient responses, thus being a sustained response.
Extension of the number of licenses NUNTIO ASSR software module Registry of 800 user licenses (from the present number of 220 to 1020 people) in the amount: 159 328 EUR excluding VAT;
In 1925 Stalin created a Kazakh autonomy within the RSFSR and, in spite of strong objections from the Russian population, transferred to the newborn Kazakh ASSR the overwhelmingly ethnic Russian provinces [oblast] from the Southern Ural and Siberian Regions of the RSFSR: Petropavlovsk, Kokchetav, Kustanay, Aktubinsk, Uralsk, Guriev, Akmolinsk, Pavlodar, Semipalatinsk and Ust-Kamenogorsk.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Oto-Acoustic Emission with ASSR with BERA 1 No.
Avago's solid state relays with enhanced features generated significant interest in the market place, and today's announcement of our ASSR product series demonstrates our commitment to continuously expand our portfolio," said Kheng-Jam Lee, worldwide marketing manager of Avago Technologies' Optical Communication Solutions Division.
0, the GSI AUDERA system is a platform product offering ASSR, Auditory Evoked Potentials, Cortical Potentials, and Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE) testing.
By testing eight frequencies at one time, complete testing can be accomplished in as little as 20-30 minutes, a significant improvement from other ASSR systems, which may take three to four times longer to achieve similar results.
Approximately 185 radiologists and neuroradiologists, all with specialized and focused interest in spinal imaging and image-guided interventions, attended the ASSR meeting.
Both ASSRs, with reinforced insulation, feature fast turn-on and turn-off, excellent noise rejection for transient immunity, and low input drive current making them CMOS- (complementary metal oxide silicon) compatible and perfect for battery-operated and USB (universal serial bus)-powered applications.