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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Fasteners (Asstd
Basketball Ball Molten 5 pcs Volleyball Ball Syntetic Mikasa 5 pcs Chessboard 2 pcs Dartboard w/pin 5 pcs Volleyball Net 20 pcs Asstd Plants 15 pcs.
Puncher 2 pcs Scissors 100 pcs Folder long 100 pcs Folder short 100 pcs Brown Envelope long 100 pcs Brown Envelope short 70 pcs Asstd
Specs: W/o Collar Material: Cotton (4) Asstd Colors of Various Sizes (to follow size and design prototype) Sizes: As per allocation list Note: Sample T-shirt with print shall be presented & acknowledge by the end-user prior to final reprod
Cement, 10mm dia RSB, tie wire, CWN, hacksaw blade, PVC door, door lock, shower valve, faucet, tapelon tape, lumber, asstd. CWN, elastomeric paint, roof paint, sand paper, roller brush, paint thinner, concrete putty, GI pipe 1 1/2" s.40, red lead