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ASSUAssociated Students of Stanford University
ASSUAmerican Sunday School Union (est. 1824; Philadelphia, PA)
ASSUArts & Science Students' Union (University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Canada )
ASSUAir Support Signal Unit
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The tentacles, often forward with the lead brigades, passed requests for air support through the ASSU radio network, directly back to group-army headquarters, without passing through the intermediate divisional and corps levels of command.
Artists participating in this multi-media display include Jeannette Sirois, Bracken Hanuse Corlett, Brian Liu, Krista Belle Stewart, Jeremy Borsos, Emilie Crewe, Dionne Paul, Sonny Assu, Alexa Hatanaka, Tania Willard, Gabrielle Hill, and Peter Morin.
assu hatam pi mustarhi, kas puriddi qardammi (65) to muzzle the lips of the proud, and hobble the feet of the wicked.
Delsu/lib/4 Table 3 File Name File No Bookshop Delsu/lib/22 NASU Delsu/lib/23 ASSU Delsu/lib/24 Health Centre Delsu/lib/25 Table IV File Name File No Adame Ben LP/37 Ado Prince LP/54 Agaga Joy LP/113
ASSU does, however, have complete editorial control over what is published.
Single strains displayed the phenotypes A, T, CSSu, ASuTm, ASSu, and ACSuTTm.
Our analyses are necessarily based on the "second-best" solution, which assu mes that policymakers have a fixed budget equal to the current amount being spent on a set of health plans that they seek to distribute optimally given the respective patient case mix of the plans.
Les entreprises sont largement engagees dans les dispositifs de cette formation puis-que chaque etudiant est "parraine" par une entreprise et lui assu re de beneficier d'un stage.
The part of the space that is found to correspond to the fluid is assu med to obey the conservation equations whereas the part that is occupied by the kneading blocks during that time step is forced to rotate as a rigid body [7].
IV 1992) (requiring that state have "procedures to assu the maximum extent appropriate, Children with disabilities .
Purchase or rent of vehicles equipped for use as a Class A ASSU within the UAS missions of the University Hospital of Amiens.