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The p-value (sig.) for item B for the Levene's test is .004, it is below .05, hence, we cannot assume equal variances, and the t value is 4.79.
If he's not moving, do you assume he can't move--suddenly and violently?
46% Assume her care and recommend cesarean section--plus, later, report the responsible midwife to the department of public health and her credentialing organization
Leaders often assume that "out there" are some disagreeing, disagreeable people (generally true).
* Romeo Kreinberg, executive vice president, Performance Plastics and Chemicals, assumes oversight responsibility for Dow's corporate marketing and sales function.
Hypothetically, assume that an accounting firm acquired another firm with an audit practice.
* An insurance product hedged and indexed to assume the risk of long-term inflation;
In particular, the new code modifies the time period that commercial tenants have to assume or reject their leases after filing for bankruptcy.
I assume the pod you collected was ripe, with mature seeds, collected sometime in mid- to late autumn.
Assume Smith exercises her options in 2009 when the stock price is $30 per share.
If I walk into my office and find that, instead of the usual disarray, all my papers are neatly stacked in order, I am not going to assume that natural forces like air currents somehow put them in place.