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ASSUREDAgricultural Science Summer Undergraduate Research and Development (New Mexico State University)
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He understood that she was in need of a dwelling; and though the house he now offered her was merely a cottage, he assured her that everything should be done to it which she might think necessary, if the situation pleased her.
I stand assured, if you will forgive her, she will repent her of all past offences, and return unto her duty.
As Lord Fellamar was very well assured that he was meant by Lady Bellaston, so, never having heard nor suspected a word of Blifil, he made no doubt of his being meant by the father.
He laughed at my anxiety, but assured me there was no cause for it, and promised to attend to my advice.
Why, no; I hardly can, under the circumstances; but be assured, love, I shall not be long away.
I never did wish to--I never thought of it at all--and never shall--you'll see it yourself-- you may be quite assured of it.
Accordingly, Assured Guaranty Europe plc (AGE) has acquired Assured Guaranty (London) plc (AGLN), Assured Guaranty (UK) plc (AGUK) and CIFG Europe SA (CIFG EU).
According to Assured, the agreement follows the February 5, 2013 decision by Judge Rakoff of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in favor of Assured Guaranty.
UBS and Assured have also entered into loss-sharing agreement on future claims, which will take effect from the third-quarter.
Assured in May formally decided to exclude the Xenia policy from its pact with CIFG.
Figures from the survey show that farmers who are farm assured are getting an average pounds 1.