ASTABAsynchronous Status Board
ASTABAutomated/Automatic Status Board
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"The security arrangements at polling stations will be under the direct superintendence and control of the Election Commission to ensure safety and security of the presiding and polling officers and all other personnel associated with the election process," Astab said.
478 and 505 respectively) belonged to this category, with the deathdate of al-Ghazali being the very latest for the disappearance of astab al-wujuh.
"A 29-year-old man was left with astab wound to the stomach,but his injuries are not though to be life-threatening.
Astab Zahoor defending said Robinson had been enticed by the other male.
Nazia Astab, litigation solicitor at The Endeavour Partnership in Stockton, said it's a difficult issue as no one knows exactly what has gone on.
Officers were called toBlackstock Roadon Thursday, May 9 after British Transport Police discovered a man had suffered astab wound.
The victim, aged in her 40s, had received astab woundto her back after being attacked by a man.