ASTACArctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative (Anchorage, AK)
ASTACAnimal Services Training and Consultation
ASTACAero-Space Technology Advisory Committee (US NASA)
ASTACAnti-Submarine/Anti-Surface Warfare Tactical Air Controller (Navy classification for Air controller)
ASTACAntisubmarine Warfare Tactical Support Center
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ASTAC and AT&T entered into a long-term strategic agreement in February 2015 to enhance North Slope wireless service.
ASTAC has selected Alvarion's Wi-Fi solution to deliver the wireless broadband connectivity necessary, while remaining flexible, cost-effective and rugged enough to meet the unique needs of the arctic environment, Alvarion said.
Providing low-cost, modern service to a small number of subscribers divided among remote communities quite distant from each other is a challenge that ASTAC has met very well in its relatively short history.
IN addition, to reduce installation costs, ASTAC will be using the Farsight extended range capability of the Tecore iBSS RAN, which will allow each base station to cover a radius of up to 120km, several times the area which standard base stations are able to cover.
Additionally, ASTAC is a provider of pay-per-use Wi-Fi to allow video, voice and data applications at the region's petroleum industry exploration and production camps located in the Deadhorse-Prudhoe Bay region.
ASTAC signed a long-term strategic agreement with AT&T earlier this year to enhance North Slope wireless service.
He also told the ASTAC the aircraft was limited on flight hours because of required maintenance and could not support the request.
With these facts in mind, I departed Anchorage on July 16 in a small, seven-passenger turbo prop on a 2,600 mile annual meeting journey that would have us crisscrossing the ASTAC service area over the next five days.
ASTAC is activating Tecore's FarSite extended-range feature on the iBSS RAN.
We have been preparing our network for the new fiber landings for the past few years and are increasing our network investments in 2016," he says, noting ASTAC has more than thirty years of operations experience on the North Slope and was building networks in northern Alaska before the advent of the Internet.
I had the ASTAC radio the crew that this would be a shutdown, and we would be setting up to launch 516.
The seven remote villages that ASTAC serves are not large enough to have resident technicians and are not accessible by road.