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Both Dilawar and Astam have been missing and according to another Afghan elder from Kunar province of Afghanistan, they have shifted either to Afghanistan or are living somewhere else with different names.
WASHINGTON: The United States has named three Pakistanis as key terrorist facilitators", saying they worked closely with a well-known backer of Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Taliban known as Shaykh Aminullah.The US Treasury placed Rahman Zeb Faqir Muhammad, Hizb Ullah Astam Khan, and Dilawar Khan Nadir Khan on its blacklist of Specially Designated Global Terrorists," in an effort to disrupt the group's ability to obtain and distribute financing.
(12.) The literature connected to these dialects is best known as Fahlaviyyat, an appellation given especially to the quatrains composed in "Pahlavi." The eleventh-century poet Baba Tahir of Hamadan says: zaban-i pahlawi-ra ustad-am // maqam-i asiqi-ra az-bar astam "I master the Pahlavi language // I know by heart the musical mode of Love." The use of fahla (< MP pahlaw) for designating Media goes back to the late Arsacid times; see Henning 1958: 95.
In the 29th minute, captain Astam Oraon intercepted a ball in the middle of the park and played in Sumati, who slammed an unstoppable shot in the bottom corner.
tad evam esam samasanam visesanavisesyobhayamsasamsparsitve 'pi yada visesanamsah svasrayotkarsadhanamukhena vakyarthacamatkarakaranatya pradhanyena vivaksito vidheyadhuram adhirohed itaras tv anudyamanakalpataya nyagbhavam eva bhajet tadasau na vrtter visayo bhavitum arhati, tasyam hi sa pradhanetarabhavas tayor astam iyat.
A US Treasury Department release said its Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated three individuals - Rahman Zeb Faqir Muhammad, Hizb Ullah Astam Khan and Dilawar Khan Nadir Khan - as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs) for providing support to terrorists or acts of terrorism.
X.85.11 rksamabhyam abhihitau / gavau te samanav itah // srotram te cakre astam / divi panthas caracarah "Harnessed with stanza (and) song, thy two cows go united (as a pair).
(21) The nine corresponding personal forms of the imperfect active are, however, recited: asit, astam, asan, etc.
X.85.10a-c mano asya ana asid / dyaur asid uta chadih // sukrav anadvahav astam Mind was her (wedding-)carriage, and heaven was her covering (i.e., the roof of the carriage).