ASTARSAirborne Systems Training and Research Support
ASTARSArmy Standards Repository System (US DoD)
ASTARSAPRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) Satellite Tracking and Reporting System (satellite radio)
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formerly hosted the ASTARS system in two NP-3D aircraft which are considerably larger and heavier than the new Calspan aircraft housing the system - a Saab 340A twin-engine turboprop.
The Saab 340A airplane we are rehosting the ASTARS system into is very fuel efficient with only two engines as opposed to the P-3's four," said Bob Russell, Wyle's test and engineering senior program manager.
Some of the systems on board the ASTARS aircraft include an APG-66 radar originally designed for the F-16, an MX-15 Electro-Optical turret with infra-red and optical cameras, an LTN-92 inertial navigation system, a global positioning system and a simulated heads-up display.
The contracting authority for the ASTARS program is the U.