ASTDDAssociation of State and Territorial Dental Directors
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After completing the questionnaire, each participant had an oral health screening performed by calibrated examiners utilizing the ASTDD Basic Screening Survey for Older Adults form.
ASTDD basic screening survey for older adults planning and implementation toolkit [Internet].
ASTDD has also released a resolution in support of school-based programs.
A consultant on the ASTDD School and Adolescent Oral Health Committee, she has received awards in dental hygiene and furthering its role in public health.
The SOT survey instrument was based on the methods outlined in the ASTDD 1999 publication Basic Screening Surveys: An Approach to Monitoring Community Oral Health.
Wood's initial involvement with ASTDD occurred when former ASTDD President Lynn Mouden, DDS, MPH, and dental director in Arkansas, asked her to serve on the ASTDD Fluorides Committee and Awards Committee.