ASTECAustralian Science and Technology Council
ASTECAnalysis of the Scientific and Technical Evaluation (European Union)
ASTECAdvanced Software Technologies (Zielona Góra, Poland)
ASTECAdvanced Satellite Technology and EHF Communications
ASTECAccident Source Term Evaluation Code (nuclear reactor accident assessment)
ASTECApplied Software Technology
ASTECAspergillus Technology Consortium
ASTECAdvanced Solar Turbo Electric Conversion
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These patients were randomized to the ASTEC radiation-therapy trial, which compared external-beam radiotherapy with no external-beam radiotherapy.
Unlike the ASTEC trial, this study did not attempt to control adjuvant treatment.
The overall survival and disease-free survival curves for the two experimental groups were similar, consistent with data from the ASTEC trial.
In the ASTEC trial, each lymphadenectomy was performed by a specialized gynecologic surgeon who was "skilled in the procedure.
In the ASTEC trial, 9% of patients in the lymphadenectomy group had no nodes removed, and more than 60% of patients would not have met criteria for inclusion in the lymphadenectomy arm of the Italian study--suggesting that the majority of women in the ASTEC trial had inadequate lymphadenectomy.
In the ASTEC trial, despite randomization, there were 10% more patients who had deeply invasive disease in the lymphadenectomy group, along with 3% more adverse histologies and high-grade (grade-3) tumors.
Adjuvant external beam radiotherapy in the treatment of endometrial cancer (MRC ASTEC and NCIC CTG EN.
5 trial from Canada, and the radiation-therapy randomization of the ASTEC trial (described on page 36).
5, but was part of the surgical randomization for ASTEC.
Brian Traquair, president of SunGard's capital markets and investment banking business, commented: "We are pleased to have ASTEC become part of SunGard's expanding securities finance business.
ASTEC is a research company specializing in bringing clarity to an opaque markets.
Once the projects achieve the technology generation compatibility stage, ASTEC will guide the innovators to file patent applications and commercialize their innovations, in addition to helping to showcase them.