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ASTHMAAssociated Scientists to Help Minimize Allergies (clinical research; est. 1972; Seattle, WA)
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Funny thing, asthma; your liquor affects your head no more than it does a man with a snake-bite; but it eases everything else, and sees you through.
Asthma was such a funny thing (he insisted) that it would not worry him a bit to discover that I had come to take the presents instead of to take care of them!
Miss Pink's asthma, developed by the unfavorable weather, set the doctor's art at defiance, and threatened to keep that unfortunate lady a prisoner in her room on the day of the party.
Sleary, who was troubled with asthma, and whose breath came far too thick and heavy for the letter s, 'Your thervant!
In it was a good-natured-looking old woman with a dropsy, or an asthma, or perhaps both.
'Oh yes, sir, he is at home,' said Minnie; 'the weather don't suit his asthma out of doors.
He was a white-bearded sea-captain, too old for service, who had learned that the only way to live on comfortable terms with his asthma was on Hikueru.
Monsieur Phellion came slowly up the stairs, for he was afraid of asthma, having what he called an "adipose chest." He saluted Antoine with dignity.
'Rheumatisms, and fevers, and crooked legs, and asthmas, and all kinds of horrors!'
There are many natural asthma remedies touted to relieve asthma symptoms.
Individuals can be genetically predisposed to asthma. If a mother is asthmatic, there is a one-third probability that her offspring will also be asthmatic.
It is estimated that asthma affects around 235 million patients globally.