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ASTMAAdaptive Space-Time Modulation Arrangement
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Warner Brothers Records' Peter Gray, musician Tobias "Astma" Jimson, singer Stina Wappling, Clear Channel National Programming Platforms President Tom Poleman and musician Michel "Rocwell" Flygare of NONONO
Concerning ASTMA 333 grades 1, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 10 pipes for the acceptable impact values and their test temperatures, the specification must be referenced before arbitrarily using them for any service temperature range.
Tredubbling av astma och allergisk rinit hos varnpliktiga mellan 1971 och 1992.
Call, in the San Joakquin Valley i have a Sailboat if i whant to go to Town, all around this pard of the contry is Fanning, paper Mills and Oil Pipe lines of the St Oil Co, it is, and has bin fine Weather since i bin here [.] it same to me it is steady work to watsh the Shipps, as it is about all i can do, on akount of Broncitis and the Astma. I.
A severe astma attack can escalate into a life-threatening respiratory arrest if the bronchial tubes close up enough to block the patient's breathing.
Nastepne miejsca zajmowaly: astma oskrzelowa z udzialem 2,3% (49 przypadkow), choroby oplucnej lub osierdzia wywolane pylem azbestu--1,9% (41 osob) i alergiczny niezyt nosa--1,2% (26 przypadkow).
Astma je kronicna upalna bolest koju obiljezava reverzibilna opstrukcija disnih putova, bronhalna hiperreaktibilnost te remodelacija disnih putova.
Katki Pediatri Dergisi (Astma ve Alerjik Hastaliklar) 1997; 18: 789-799.