ASTMHAmerican Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
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Research, health care and education are the central activities of ASTMH members, whose work bridges basic laboratory research to international field work and clinics to countrywide programs.
As we work toward eliminating malaria, it's essential that we control and treat the disease as much as possible," said ASTMH President Edward T.
The oral presentation of these preclinical results, entitled "Novel Chimeric Vaccines for Chikungunya: Immunogenicity and Efficacy Studies in A129 Mice" will be presented at the ASTMH annual meeting on November 4, 2010 at 1:30pm ET in Scientific Session 39, "Viruses I" by Dr.
The presence at ASTMH reflects the progress Genzyme and Broad scientists have made to identify and screen novel drug targets that may be effective against malaria, and move potential therapeutics through the discovery and development pipeline.
Hotez, MD, PhD, and President-Elect of the ASTMH, offered recommendations for the FDA's consideration that based on its unique regulatory and public health role could position the agency to more effectively address these diseases and conditions.
Research presented at the ASTMH Annual meeting highlights the potential of GenVec's vaccine programs," stated Dr.