ASTOPAustin Society to Oppose Pseudoscience (Austin, TX)
ASTOPAlcohol Safety Traffic Offenders Program, Inc.
ASTOPAsian Senior Talks on Proliferation (nuclear proliferation)
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Two ASTOP meetings have been held to date: the first in November 2003, the second in February 2005.
ISLAMABAD:In lieu of the former premier Nawaz Sharif's anti-judiciary remarks outside an accountability court in Islamabad, the Judicial Activism Panel head has sent a notice to the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Association (PEMRA) which seeks to ban all such speeches.Advocate Izhar Siddiq sent the notice to PEMRA in order to put astop toanti-judiciary marks, especially outsideany accountability court, reported a local news channel.
ASTOP comparing them and decide how you would like your daughter to behave and what sanctions you need to put in place to ensure this.
Astop to admire dancing fountains set to music over lunch and we moved on through history and happened upon jousting medieval knights and a castle which spewed fire and managed to slide forward and back to reveal more incredible sets and stunning scenes.
The protesters chanted aResignationa and aMafiaa and unfurled banners reading aNATO, get out of Bulgariaa, aStop the occupationa, aThe future belongs to sovereign statesa, among others.
ASTOP being so pompous, patronising and judgmental.
Bulgaria's Interior Minister Tsvetlin Yovchev appealed to the public to astop the speculations and nonsensea around the Tuseday afternoon hailstorm in Sofia, reports said no early warning system for hailstorms existed in the world and it was impossible to implement.
All ambulances will have signs saying aStop assaulting usa put on them.
ASTOP fighting over names, about your husband standing up to his dad and about offending your parents.
Banners were held saying aVMRO: Macedonia is Bulgariana, aKeep your hands away from Bulgarian historya and aStop the terror against Bulgarians in Macedonia.a
Astop at a Rothiemurchus cafe put Simon under the microscope as surprised fans of the show approached him with compliments.
ASTOP being such a spoilsport and let your father enjoy his life.