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ASTPApollo Soyuz Test Project
ASTPArmy Specialized Training Program
ASTPAdvanced Space Transportation Program (NASA)
ASTPAssociation of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals
ASTPAmerican Society of Transplant Physicians
ASTPAfter School Tutoring Program (various organizations)
ASTPAsia Science and Technology Portal (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
ASTPAdvanced Space Technology Program (DARPA)
ASTPAdvanced Sensor Technology Program
ASTPAdvanced Systems Technology Program (NASA)
ASTPasked to see patient
ASTPArsenal Ship Training Plan
ASTPAdvanced Satellite Technology Program
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The logical result of ASTP would have been for the well-trained soldiers in engineering, German, or Italian to be assigned to units that could utilize their special capacities.
Warren: Let's start by you tell my readers what transplant was like in 1990 when you came in as president of ASTP?
Consistent with the ASTP, Berkowitz (2004) stressed that counseling interventions based on confronting student misperceptions about the extent of drinking behavior on campus should be presented in a nonjudgmental manner to preclude resistant reactions.
I served honorably in the ROTC, Quartermaster Corps, Military Police Corps, ASTP [Army Specialized Training Program, a college-based intensive program to produce specialists], Infantry, and the Army Air Corps in the United States, England, France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany in World War II.
After basic training he was accepted into Officer Candidate School, but before he could actually attend that course he was selected for the Army's Specialized Training Program (ASTP).
By July 1943 he was in the language program of the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP) at Indiana University, Bloomington.
He participated in the Army Special Training Program (ASTP) and became an Army Private at Camp Dix in 1943 during his junior year, receiving $50 per month.
For Near Urban the receipt of the evidence-based grant funding has facilitated the institution in implementing the Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP), which was developed by the University of Washington in the late 1980's and early 1990's (Baer, Kivlahan, Fromme, & Marlatt, 1994).
At the end of the 15th week, and just before bivouac, I was assigned to the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP), where I would study engineering.
For example, the Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP), a six-week program for young adult drinkers, uses a cognitive-behavioral approach to prevent alcohol problems by stressing moderate use of, or abstinence from, addictive substances (Fromme, Marlatt, Baer, & Kivlahan, 1994).
the two-session Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP), which uses five
(26) (These included the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP), the Navy Training Program (V-12), and a few programs run by the War Department.