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ASTPApollo Soyuz Test Project
ASTPArmy Specialized Training Program
ASTPAdvanced Space Transportation Program (NASA)
ASTPAssociation of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals
ASTPAmerican Society of Transplant Physicians
ASTPAdvanced Space Technology Program (DARPA)
ASTPAdvanced Sensor Technology Program
ASTPAdvanced Systems Technology Program (NASA)
ASTPasked to see patient
ASTPArsenal Ship Training Plan
ASTPAdvanced Satellite Technology Program
ASTPAfter School Tutoring Program (various organizations)
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In it I examine the Myths that I believe have come to mask World War II over long decades and which prevent us from remembering experiences such as the shutting down of ASTP with all its terrible consequences on a generation of young men.
At Near Urban Community College the ASTP instructor described in great detail how his efforts to implement the program specifically as directed in materials manifested during the first program implementation cycle in a program that "missed.
Evaluations of ASTP have found it superior to educational interventions in a one-year follow-up measure of alcohol consumption rates (Kivlahan, Marlatt, Fromme, Coppel, & Brand, 1990).
Robert Gannon, president of Fordham University, sat on the ASTP advisory board, and then worked with state officials on the administration of the education title in New York.
The Council reluctantly, but unanimously, agreed that at the present time the issues were too complex to proceed with a merger document or bylaws acceptance in their present format," ASTS President Joshua Miller, MD, informed the ASTP President John Neylan, MD, in a letter.
1992), as reported by NIAAA, revealed that ASTP significantly reduced drinking rates and negative consequences at one and two year follow ups.
IEA had previously completed an asset sale of ASTP Pipeline, an oil gathering pipeline, on December 30, 2005 to Arrowhead Gathering Company, L.
The ASTS Council, on October 26th, discussed the course of these discussion to date, and concluding that the most recent proposal from the ASTP did not represent an approach that appropriately recognized these interests, unanimously voted to temporarily suspend the discussions.
For campuses such as ours where there is strong infrastructure for implementing group interventions, the ASTP program should be a relatively economical and effective intervention option.
As part of the ASTP process, the American Stroke Association is hosting workshops around the country that help neurologists and others implement the program in their hospital.
BW HealthWire)--April 29, 1998--SangStat, The Transplant Company(R) (NASDAQ:SANG), announced today that 20 peer-reviewed, scientific and clinical papers from SangStat researchers, clinicians and co-investigators will be presented at the ASTP and ASTS annual meetings to be held next month.
The ASTP includes a memory-efficient Interpolated Table Lookup (ITL) non-linear delay model and fully recursive slew-dependent-slew modeling.