ASTRAmerican Society for Theatre Research (established in 1956)
ASTRAccelerated Stress Testing and Reliability (IEEE)
ASTRAquifer Storage Transfer and Recovery (Australia)
ASTRAerospace Systems Test Reactor
ASTRAircraft Shield Test Reactor
ASTRArmy Specialized Training Reserve
ASTRAutomatic Spectral Target Recognition
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(1) A version of this paper was presented as part of the ASTR 2012
The next day I caught ASTR, who are a really cool American electronic pop duo.
Remote sensing and GIS technique to determine the currently cultivated land use areas by relaying on 2010 Spot satellite image compared with spot satellite image 2004 according to change detection results between two of them, using GIS spatial analysis on ASTR DEM 30 m.
BROC CHOO TOAO CHOF SWET BITT BROC 1.00 CHOO 0.98 1.00 TOAO 0.98 0.97 1.00 CHOF 0.87 0.84 0.86 1.00 SWET -0.98 -0.97 -0.99 -0.88 1.00 BITT 0.94 0.92 0.92 0.96 -0.94 1.00 TOAF 0.97 0.96 0.98 0.88 -0.97 0.92 CIFF -0.23 -0.32 -0.20 0.11 0.16 -0.02 FIRM 0.88 0.86 0.84 0.95 -0.87 0.96 MELT -0.88 -0.88 -0.84 -0.89 0.88 -0.93 ASTR 0.64 0.68 0.59 0.42 -0.58 0.58 TOAF CIFF FIRM MELT ASTR BROC CHOO TOAO CHOF SWET BITT TOAF 1.00 CIFF -0.16 1.00 FIRM 0.85 0.08 1.00 MELT -0.84 0.02 -0.97 1.00 ASTR 0.62 -0.47 0.48 -0.48 1.00 BROC: Brown color; CHOO: chocolate odor; TOAO: toasted odor; CHOF: chocolate flavor; SWET: sweetness; BITT: bitterness; TOAF: toasted flavor; CIFF: citrus fruit flavor; FIRM: firmness; MELT: melting quality; ASTR: astringency.
orae maritimae] | [Am] astr et clas[s Ponticae (found at Sinope) evokes questions.
The ASTR Workshop is an annual gathering of the world's finest reliability engineers with focus on accelerated stress testing techniques.
Russel how it RUSSELL G Dell'Olio h feather bo Dancing ro stumbled The astr with the a the week during hi professio Cacace.
Suponiendo que en el sexto verso se hace referencia a Astrea o Virgo, la diosa que reino en el mundo durante las primeras edades, creemos que tal vez el termino corrige este verso para senalar: "que el solo a ver la hija va de Astreo", haciendose referencia a las ansias de Juan Fernandez por buscar un mundo de abundancia y riquezas, a traves de una alusion circunstancial al mito de las edades (Ov., Met., I, 149-150; Hyg., Astr., II, 25, 1-4; Arat., Phaen., 96-136).
Tens is the word of the hour as astr Ston Stev sits high atop the rock awai his laun into the Chro-Sync Infu.
Canada-based Northland Capital Partners Inc (NCP) has said that it will acquire Astaire Securities, a unit of UK's Astaire Group Plc (LSE: ASTR), for GBP2.45m, as it seeks to expand its presence in the UK market, according to a report by Dow Jones.
Pues el la hallo en el suelo, en su expedicion, y niega asi -indirectamente- que esta haya volado con Astrea, cuando esta, segun el mito (Hyg., Astr., II, 25, 1-4; Arat., Phaen., 96136), decidio abandonar a los hombres y a las tierras humedecidas de matanza (Ov., Met., I, 150) (3).