ASTRAmerican Society for Theatre Research (established in 1956)
ASTRAccelerated Stress Testing and Reliability (IEEE)
ASTRAquifer Storage Transfer and Recovery (Australia)
ASTRAerospace Systems Test Reactor
ASTRAircraft Shield Test Reactor
ASTRAutomatic Spectral Target Recognition
ASTRArmy Specialized Training Reserve
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Table 1 Descriptive Statistics of Monthly Returns for 19 Developed Equity Markets, 14 Emerging Equity Markets, the United States, and the MSCI World Index (Based on Available Data for Each Country) Std Mean Median Max Min dev Skewness Developed ASTR 0.
CSIRO says the ASTR demonstration project will involve about 200 000 [m.
If the ASTR project is successful, the concept could be replicated elsewhere, including overseas.
Dr Rudi Regel, ASTR Project Manager from United Water, says the ASTR demonstration trial is one of eight case study sites for the international Reclaim Water project, funded by the European Union and involving 19 partners from western and eastern Europe, Israel, China, Mexico, South Africa and Singapore.
An earlier version of this essay was given in the seminar "Staging Motherhood: Text, Context, and Performance in Contemporary Theatre and Culture," organized by Karen Bamford and Sheila Rabillard, at ASTR in Toronto in November 2005.
Most education majors are required to take an upper level science course, and may took ASTR 3100.