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Multiple studies have shown that beliefs in magic, witchcraft, astrol ogy, palm reading, and all sorts of 'paranormal phenomena' are still widespread among people living in cultural environments packed with computers and advanced technologies (Bern & Honorton, 1994; Lehman & Mayers, 1985; Zusne, 1985; Zusne &Jones, 1982).
More to the point, if Galileo was declared right, that would be good evidence that astrol ogy was wrong.
"So they panicked and got back into our vehicle and drove off with us and dumped us near Astrol petrol station at around 5.30am, after striping off our car for parts.
And as sche wolde ouer pe (Clerk's T.: 232 presshewolde gon (Landsd.)) But right anon a thousand peple in (Doctor's T.: 260) thraste To saue the knyght He thurgh the thikkeste of the throng (Knt.'s T.: 1754) gan threste Ful many an hethen wroghtestow ful wo (Monk's T.: 403) The altitude of the Mone, or of (Astrol. ii.