ASTTAustralasian Society for Trenchless Technology (est. 1991)
ASTTApplied Science Technologists and Technicians (Canada)
ASTTAssociation Sportive de Tennis de Table (French: Table Tennis Sports Association)
ASTTAdvanced Simulation Technology Thrust (DARPA)
ASTTAirborne Surveillance and Tracking Technology
ASTTAngle Sum Triangle Theorem
ASTTAir Sample Tracking/Trending
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One night, before my appointed day at ASTT, I had a whopper of an anxiety attack.
At ASTT, I heard about the outreach work being done with refugees at the Episcopal Cathedral of the Incarnation.
The ASTT enables command teams of ships and submarines to practice the application of tactical doctrine in a realistic maritime environment.
In the ASTT system we have used multiple STAGE-based simulations running in integrated mode, with support for Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)," said Mr.
Using a combination of multi-functional workstations, which can be networked to form cubicles or virtual ships, the ASTT system allows large games to be run for training and tactics development.
Macmet's high fidelity ASTT is a viable, cost effective alternative to going to sea to hone tactical skills, precluding the increasing cost of operating ships and aircraft in real life.
The ASTT, the most advanced of its kind, will help the Indian Navy train its personnel in all aspects of Naval Tactics.