ASTUAstrakhan State Technical University (Russia)
ASTUAltai State Technical University (Barnaul, Russia)
ASTUAnti-Stock Theft Unit
ASTUAironet System Tray Utility (Cisco)
ASTUArchangelsk State Technical University (Russia)
ASTUAllentown Secure Treatment Unit (Pennsylvania)
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Table 2 shows a good model of the impact of FLEX, ASTU and CASTU on Pr(Dn = 1).
FLEX, ASTU and CASTU on Dn, stock exchange delisting is statistically significant with a significant level of 0.
Table 1 shows no strong correlation among ASTU and CDTU.
ASTU and CDTU on Dn, is statistically significant and they contribute with a probability of 51.
The signs of the coefficients of variables ASTU and CDTU are the same as in the two previous models (positive and respectively negative) and are statistically significant.
The difference between the same coefficient of ASTU variable, as it is estimated in Model 2 and Model 3, do not significantly differ.
The SAWBO team at the University of Illinois and a country consultant based at ASTU developed the survey questionnaires.
Additionally, selected representatives of health and agricultural agents, who were actively involved in the video deployment for the selected kebeles, were called to ASTU for further survey orientation.
With this in mind, all aspects of the in-country efforts in Ethiopia were handled by ASTU staff, thereby reducing the potential for response bias.
to identify the perceived English language needs of business students of ASTU
The main purpose of this study was to analyse the English language needs focusing on business students at ASTU.
As it has been portrayed earlier, the study came up with important hints about language needs of business students at ASTU.